Toronto's First Family Shelter for Male Victims of Domestic Violence and their Children

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Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Centre for Men and Families

Call to Action

With the support of thousands of contributors, the Family Shelter for Abused Men and Children opened in Toronto in the fall of 2021!

Donate to the Family Shelter

We’re working to open Toronto’s first shelter for male victims of domestic abuse – and their children. Will you be a part of this historic campaign?We have government agencies providing resources for this initiative and they are now considering ongoing financial support, but it is critical that we show that this project has strong public backing.

All Donations Now Matched Until December 31st. Please click here to done through our GoFundMe page.

We have already raised $150K, half of our total goal. If our GoFundMe Campaign is successful, we can wrap up our fundraising by the end of the year and open Canada’s first Family Shelter for Abused Men and Children in 2018!

Hello and welcome to the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. The Centre has become a place of hope and transformation for boys, men and fathers in our community who often come to us when no other support is available.  And now we and they need you.

Since we opened our doors, every day we get calls from men desperately searching for a safe haven from an abusive partner. Many of these callers are fathers with children and they have no place to go.

Now imagine you and your child live each day in fear of violence, but no one believes you because you’re a man. That is the situation for thousands of fathers every year.  Although it may be hard to believe, Statistics Canada data and sociological research is clear: men suffer domestic abuse at rates comparable to women, yet their access to vital support services including crisis centres and emergency counselling is almost non-existent.

The critical missing piece are domestic abuse shelters for fathers and children. Single father families are the fastest growing family form in Canada. Yet while the caregiving role of dads quickly expands, fathers who are suffering violence in the home still have no safe place where they can escape with their children.

If governments are reluctant to step up then it’s time for you and I to lead by example. That’s what an amazing team of philanthropists did when they donated $150,000 to build Toronto’s first Family Shelter for Abused Men and Children. That means we’re already half way to our goal. And now to help us get to the finish line, we have a backer who has stepped up to match your contributions – dollar for dollar – up until $50,000, only until December 31st.

This could be the game changer we’ve been waiting for, but only if we each take the initiative.

In the last few years, shelters for abused men and children have begun to pop up in small towns in places like Arkansas and Texas, but if we’re successful here we will open the first shelter for abused men and children in any metropolitan municipality in North America. If we’re successful we can be the lifeline for so many families in desperate need of help. If we’re successful the effects will be felt far beyond Toronto for we will have sparked a critical change in the conversation around gender and victimization, and that means more support for all vulnerable families.

This is is your chance to guarantee that success and to be a part of this landmark initiative.

The time has come for all of us to take a bold step. Your support is absolutely critical for us to capitalize on the foundation that has been built.

That’s why we are asking you to please make a gift at this time and to and work with us to bring the first shelter for abused men and children to Canada’s largest city. All donations receive a charity receipt, which means you could get up to 40% back in tax benefits.

We are offering a variety of rewards for different levels of contribution. Please note that you will receive all rewards both at your level and at all levels below.

Thank you so for your interest. We are eager to join forces with you on a special project that will greatly improve many lives.

CCMF Legal Fund

Public Policy


Justin Trottier, Executive Director
Canadian Centre for Men and Families

We received intervenor status in our first case before the Supreme Court of Canada.

In R v Langan, our legal team offered unique testimony on the use of male gender stereotypes in ascertaining credibility and argued before the highest court that false and damaging beliefs about male sexual insatiability should be seen as the male equivalents to the established rape myths.

Support the CCMF Legal Fund

This first success in receiving intervenor status makes it easier for CCMF to apply for standing in future cases and could allow us to impact landmark legal decisions that affect thousands of families. But only with your help.