Third Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser is June 20th, 2018

HS & Partners LLP and the Charger Foundation present a unique Charity Fundraiser at the beautiful Nobleton Lakes Golf Club, outside Toronto. All proceeds support the unique and vital programs and services at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. Find out about registration and sponsorship opportunities.

We're Building Toronto's First Family Shelter for Male Victims of Domestic Violence and their Children. Here's How You Can Help.

Make your charitable donation now and our sponsor will double it, but only until December 31st! Will you be a part of this historic campaign?

Canadian Centre for Men and Families is Opening Hubs Across Canada.

Find Programs and Services in Your Community. Click this Banner.

Are You a Male Victim of Domestic Violence? Now You're Not Alone.

A Program for Separated or Divorced Fathers looking to maintain a strong relationship with their children.

Register for "Fathering After Separation or Divorce." Learn knowledge, resources and skills with a curriculum built for fathers, based on the best research from child psychologists, father-friendly lawyers and men's health providers.

When Glen’s wife stabbed him with a knife and threatened to kill him Glen called for help, but nobody believed him and Glen was left homeless. Will you be a part of an historic campaign to open Toronto’s first family shelter for male victims and their children? We have a sponsor who will double every donation we receive but only until December 31st, 2017! We also have government agencies providing resources for this initiative and they are now considering ongoing financial support, but it is critical that we show that this project has strong public backing. Click the link above for more info.

The first facility of its kind, we are an open, inclusive and safe space dedicated to the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers and their families. We provide workshops, counselling, discussion groups and a variety of special events. Programs include trauma and abuse support, suicide prevention, fathering, tutoring, mentorship and legal aid. We run services, research, advocacy, outreach and public education on all aspects of men’s issues. Please support our work. Or learn more by reading our Vision, Mission and Values (en francais) or watching these presentations from our Meet and Greet and Opening Week Press Conference

Register for Updates or Programs

Register for Updates or Programs
Register for updates, sign up for a program, or send us your thoughts and questions

Volunteer at the Centre.

Volunteer at the Centre.
Find out how you can contribute to improving the health and well-being of boys, men, fathers, and their families

Donate to Support Those in Need

Donate to Support Those in Need
You know that boys and men are too often ignored in our community and social services. Please make a difference.

The opening of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families is the culmination of a successful campaign by the Canadian Association for Equality

Learn more about CAFE, the registered educational charity that governs the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, explore the campaign history or watch our Disposable Man PSA video which launched it all!
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