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CCMF is a charity like no other, dedicated to advancing education and outreach on gender and equality issues from a perspective rarely acknowledged, yet essential if we believe equality includes everyone. Help grow our collective voice. Join or renew your membership today.

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From the stigma faced by gay fathers to the longer sentences faced by incarcerated males. From misandry in popular culture to missing and murdered Indigenous boys and men. From dismissed issues to centre stage discussions; our events across Canada raise critical debates and pose challenging questions. CCMF hosts lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences locally and nationally, in person and remotely, at venues across the country. Here is your chance to learn about a range of critical and timely issues from leading international speakers and guests.

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Universities, colleges and high schools are critical spaces for advancing new perspectives on gender and challenging entrenched stereotypes about men. Join a movement of youth from across the country working to build campus men’s centres, hosting educational events on campus, delivering men’s health and social services, engaging in community outreach and raising awareness about life and death issues affecting your study body.

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Public Policy

Whether our focus is violence against men, parental alienation, or the epidemic of male suicide, we want to foster positive changes that improve the well-being of all people. From low key collaborations with healthcare agencies to develop male friendly services, through to high profile billboard ads that raise public consciousness, our aim is always twofold: respond to the immediate needs of individuals and work long-term to address gaps in our overall approach to gender.

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From preventing suicide to strengthening the father-child relationship, each day our programs and services are transforming the lives of men and families. As a donor, sponsor or volunteer, you have the opportunity to contribute to our groundbreaking work.

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Each day we work to improve the lives of men and families across Canada. Our interests are broad, from preventing suicide to strengthening the father-child relationship. Our focus is deep, from responding to individual boys and men in crisis to building coalitions of groups to advocate for systemic policy improvements. Make a tax deductible charitable donation today to support Canada’s leading champions for boys and men.

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Our men’s mental health, father involvement and trauma support programs address a wide variety of complex social problems with evidence-based interventions. Each day, we receive an overwhelming number of calls from families in distress. Your sponsoring will bring immediate support directly to boys and men when they need it most. Thank you for your leadership.

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Boys and men are in crisis. Male suicide rates are rising, university enrolment numbers are falling, and more and more children are suffering the results of father-absence. Meanwhile, programs and services geared to boys, men and fathers are badly underdeveloped. Join us as we work to confront and reverse these devastating trends.