Canadian Centre for Men and Families - Vancouver

Canadian Centre for Men and Families facilities are mental health and social service hubs that provide a wide variety of front-line programs and services in their communities.

Healthy Boys, Men, Families, Communities.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is Vancouver’s hub for boys, men, fathers and families. We proactively foster healthy boys and men by filling critical gaps in men’s services that reduce male suicide, empower fathers undergoing separation and divorce, and help boys and men heal from trauma. We support, empower and advocate for men before, during and after a crisis, in a safe, open, inclusive and supportive environment.


Contact Information

Email: vancouver@menandfamilies.org
Phone: 1-778-819-2949
605 – 1080 Howe St.
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2T1

David Minor

Executive Director, CCMF Vancouver

Paul Dowell

Director, BC Board

Roger Challis

Director, BC Board

Martin Nugter

Director, BC Board

Fiona Wang

Director, BC Board

Liam Wilson

Director, BC Board

Warren Senkowski

Director, BC Board

Mayra F. Paiva

Director, BC Board