Domestic Abuse Support Group (Vancouver)

Register for our New Support Group for Men

Starting September 14th, 2020, we will be meeting weekly, Mondays from 5:00 PM – 7:30 PM Pacific Time on Zoom, for a 12 week period. 

To register: Click here or scroll down to fill out the registration form.
Once registered, you will be contacted for an initial assessment meeting.

The program will be hosted via Zoom video conferencing. We are requiring all participants to appear with both video and audio in order to simulate, as closely as possible, an actual group meeting.

About the Program

Are you a man who has experienced Abuse or Violence in an intimate relationship – do you feel Manipulated, Diminished or Traumatized?

We can help.The Canadian Centre for Men and Families offers a support group dedicated to men and open to all male identified people who have experienced intimate partner abuse, violence or trauma. All programs are free. Join us for positive, affirming and confidential support.

We understand men who’ve been in abusive relationships need a safe and compassionate environment to begin the process of healing. Our highest priority is ensuring the group environment is safe, non-judgmental and compassionate for all men, and male identified people, attending regardless of sexual orientation, identification, religion, race, colour, background or experiences.

The goals of the group are:
– To provide group members with support from others who are going through or have gone through categorically similar experiences.
– To acquire the skills, coping mechanisms, and resources to get you through this difficult time.
– To begin the recovery process, to heal, and regain control in your life – become empowered.
– To provide a safe and confidential space where you can be heard in a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental environment.
– To meet with others who understand your experiences because they have traveled down the same path.
– To provide connection to others who may have felt isolated and alone.

If you feel diminished in any of your intimate/family relationships, think you might have been in an abusive situation or have experienced violence, we can help.


To register, please complete the following form and select the program #2 Domestic Abuse Support Services (National). In registering, you are agreeing to join meetings with both video and audio, to provide notice of changes to your contact information and you are deemed to have agreed to our CCMF Vancouver Support Group Confidentiality and Consent Policy.
You will be contacted by a member of our team in order to conduct an intake assessment prior to joining the group.

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