Failing Boys: Society’s Destructive Neglect for the Emergency in our Schools and How We Can Respond to the Calamity Facing Young Males

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A presentation by Dr. James S. Brown, author, educator and equality consultant, at the University of Toronto on November 14, 2013

From educational achievement to career expectations, boys face a bleak future. All trend lines point to the failings of today’s cohort of boys. Whatever the causes, the impending floundering of boys and young men will prove disastrous to society. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we are coming to better appreciate why this crises has hit, and can now begin to provide solutions teachers, educators and parents can do to improve the situation for young boys. The benefits and rewards will come to all of us. Featuring Dr. James S. Brown, author, educator and equality consultant.

CAFE has been privilege to have sponsored the Odyssey for Equality, Dr. James Brown international tour to bring awareness and solutions to the challenges facing boy’s education.