The Canadian Centre for Men and Families, as part of its Men’s Issues Awareness (MIA) Campaign is looking to build on the momentum created by new Men’s groups at Brandon University (in Manitoba), the University of Chicago and elsewhere by launching similar groups across Canadian campuses.  Please contact or 416-402-8856 to get involved.



It’s time to complement important efforts undertaken by women’s groups with public education and awareness focused on Men’s Issues:


Men’s Health receives far less funding, yet men are at a greater risk of each of the top 10 causes of death

Violence against male university students is roughly as high as that against female students, and the same number of men and women experience physical violence from their intimate partner

Boys’ educational crises now sees boys 66% more likely to drop out of high school

Suicide rates for men aged 20-24 are 6 times higher than those for women

The criminal sentencing gap now means that men receive 2 – 3 times the sentence for the same crime, with all other factors controlled

We support groups combating gender stereotypes of women. We feel equality necessitates some attention on issues effecting men.

Help us launch a Men’s Collective!
These have been positive and progressive voices at many other Universities.

Contact or 416-402-8856