Authored by an anonymous CAFE member, in response to the now rather infamous Heather Mallick column, Men’s rights groups are a waste of time: Mallick

I take it Ms. Mallick of the Toronto Star is against domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse,

parental rights and basic human rights. Oh wait, is that just in the case of men?

The Canadian Association for Equality and the Center for Men are dedicated to discussing

and advocating for basic human rights as enshrined in our very own Canadian Charter of Rights

and Freedom.

Yet, Ms. Mallick was so offended by this notion that she took time out of her busy schedule of

tweeting pictures of herself and crawled down from her lair to find it necessary to make sexist

and derogatory comments with respect to Mr. Trottier and the organization itself.

If that wasn’t enough Ms. Mallick starts her own little pity party about the early days of her

career. I am glad Ms. Mallick was able to overcome those challenges and that today she enjoys

the privilege of getting paid to shut down and criticize the voices of others.

The very fact Ms. Mallick needs to reference herself is indicative that the struggles of others are

pointless because it has nothing to do with her. It’s all about Ms. Mallick.

The remainder of her article is dedicated to once again her being attacked by some feminist and

two stories of couples having sex on the streetcar. Ms. Mallick’s says, “the cellphone video is


Wonderful, now what does this have to do with Ms. Mallick’s denial and criticism of gender

inequality? What does this have to do with the overwhelming number of father’s in family court who

are denied access to their children? What does this have to do with the overwhelming number of men

who are wrongfully accused of domestic violence crimes? What does this have to do with the

statistics of men who are suffering from mental health issues? What does this have to do with boys

who have suffered through sexual abuse?

According to Ms. Mallick that’s not important because we should be spending our free time watching

cellphone videos of some random couple having sex on the transit.