RIP – Danny Guspie 1958 to 2015 – Church Service Jan 31/15 Details

A couple of week ago the Canadian Centre for Men and Families offered its remembrances for Danny Guspie, a fathers rights pioneer and champion who passed away on January 2. In this email we share an announcement from Heidi Nabert-Guspie, Danny’s widow and partner, with information on an upcoming church service, wake and other events.

It is with profound sadness that I have to announce that on January 2, 2015, Fathers’ Resources International founder, Danny Guspie, passed away after a long battle with cancer which he was winning until the last few days of his life.  He was only 56 years old, having just celebrated his birthday on December 18.

Danny Guspie was my best friend, soul mate and loving husband of 24 years.  I cannot begin to express my sorrow and sadness and I want to thank all of you who have reached out to me.

I really appreciate all of your well wishes and stories of how Danny changed your life and the lives of your children for the better.

Danny created an amazing legacy that I, as his widow will continue to build upon. I am committed to continuing the work Danny has been doing for the past 20 years, helping fathers who are dealing with the complexities of separation, divorce and how that impacts their ability to be a parent to their children.

The free father’s Q&A support groups in Toronto and Hamilton that Danny has hosted for the past 20 years will continue, as will all of the services in the same office location. We are accepting donations (see below for details) of which, 100% of the funds raised will be used to pay the rent for the free support meetings which I will host in the same locations.

As Danny Guspie’s widow I am committed to continuing his work with fathers as well as completing the two online membership websites he had been building for the past 4 years.

————————— RSVP REQUIRED ——————————

Please RSVP if you are attending Wake #1 and #2 as there is limited space.

All RSVPs must be sent to

With the following specific subject line:

Church Service & Wake #1
Church Service & Wake #2
Church Service & Wake #1 and #2

Details are outlined on the Newsletter link below.


I have created a newsletter announcement will more details of
– Danny Guspie‘s Passing
– Church Service Details – Jan 31/14 2:30pm to 2:00pm
– Wake #1 Details – Jan 31/14m to 5:00pm
– Wake #2 Details – Jan 31/14  5:00pm to 1:00am
– Celebration of Life event scheduled for May 2015 – more details to follow.
– Donations and cards

All can be found at this posted Newsletter link below.
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In sadness,

Heidi Nabert-Guspie
Widow of Danny Guspie