References for Abuse Claim Concerning Female Perpetrators/Male Victims

Incredibly, in the juvenile justice system 90% of sexual exploitation incidents are perpetrated by female guards against young males.

Here are some good references for additional reading:

Article “The dark secret of juvenile detention centres is the sexual abuse inflicted by female staffers” by Josh Voorhees published in Slate, reprinted in the National Post September 4, 2014

“For those who reported being abused, two things proved overwhelmingly true, as they were in Woodland Hills: They were teenage boys, and their alleged assailants were female employees tasked with looking out for their well-being. Nine in 10 of those who reported being victimized were males reporting incidents with female staff. Women, meanwhile, typically make up less than half of a juvenile facility’s staff.”

“It’s downright reckless when we know that 90% of reported incidents involve male juveniles and female guards.”

Column by Barbara Kay “Eight to 16% of the male population has been abused sexually in youth. Often by women.” published on September 5, 2014

“Within the juvenile justice system, a federal survey of detained juveniles found that nearly eight percent of respondents reported they had been sexually victimized by a staff member in the previous year. In nine out of ten cases, they were teenage boys reporting incidents with female employees, even though women usually represent about 40% of staff in these facilities.”

A 2004 study in the Journal Interpersonal Violence by McGill professor Myriam S. Denov “The Long-Term Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Female Perpetrators”
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