Odyssey for Equality in Education

Episode 16

 I had an opportunity to meet with Roger Lawlor. Roger is the former Director of Education, recently retired, of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. He has always been one of the educational leaders that have been committed to a holistic approach to education. Under his leadership, the Waterloo CDSB was one of the best school boards in terms of meeting the needs of individual students.

Roger and I had lunch, relived some old times, and shared information. He put me in contact with Bruce Rodrigues, the Director of the Toronto CDSB who will be the new CEO at the Ontario Education Quality Assessment Office as of August 1st. This is extremely significant for the whole issue of equality in education, as many changes are needed in the approach currently being used to evaluate educational outcomes in Ontario. At the present time, the EQAO testing is proving to be somewhat harmful for some children, especially those with late in the year birthdates and many boys. Having been introduced to Bruce Rodrigues is thus very significant for me and the work I am doing on behalf of equality in education.

Thank you, Roger Lawlor.

Dr. James S. Brown