“Men’s Issues” Group Pledges $1000 Reward in Hopes of Break in Queen’s Student Assault Case

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (April 30, 2014) The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) will provide a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual responsible in the March 26 assault on Queen’s University student Danielle d’Entremont. Early reports, which were subsequently withdrawn, suggested a link between this heinous crime and a then upcoming talk by CAFE on rape culture.

CAFE sincerely hopes that the additional $1000 reward will lead to a break in an investigation that seems to have stalled. The funds would match those already pledged by Men’s Rights Canada and A Voice for Men.

CAFE aims to foster a safe and just environment for learning and debate on Canadian campuses. The organization’s “men’s issues” events have been met with protest, notably against speakers Dr. Warren Farrell and Professor Janice Fiamengo. “But while provocative, we work hard to ensure safety at our events,” said CAFE Spokesperson Adam McPhee. “We follow University policy and strive to engage students by welcoming disagreement.”

Freedom of speech is a necessity on university campuses and CAFE is dedicated to upholding those basic tenets of a free and democratic society. The recent violent attack at Queen’s University jeopardizes these rights for all.

CAFE will continue to support the efforts of the Kingston Police Services and Queen’s University Security in their efforts to solve this crime.

Amber Taylor, Media and Public Relations Director,
Canadian Association for Equality