by Scott, a dedicated Canadian Centre for Men and Families volunteer

I was proud to volunteer to help represent the Canadian Centre for Men and Families at the Dundas street festival this month. I reached out to some men who will find CCMF quite helpful, especially one trauma survivor who happened to be walking by. This is a great facility that provides support services for men and boys. While there are a lot of services available for women, and that’s amazing, there is an unfortunate gap in available services for men and boys that CCMF helps to fill.

Some of these services include support for male survivors of trauma or abuse, free counselling for men on a variety of issues, fathering issues, discussions surrounding gender equality issues, employment services, legal support, meditation classes, and many more. Check the website for more information.

This place helped me get over my own traumatic experiences, and I’d highly recommend it to any other man who could use its services.

Just as I am an ally of feminism, I am a supporter of men’s issues, and so can you be too.