The Canadian Association for Equality is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Siegi Schuler as our newest Advisory Fellow

Dr. Siegi Schuler, Ph.D., RSW is a registered Clinical Social Worker. For almost 20 years, he has specialized in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and adults who have experienced interpersonal trauma, violence (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as domestic violence), and mental health concerns.  Between 2002-2014, Siegi was the Clinical Director of the Halton Trauma Centre, a community-based children’s mental health centre specializing in children and youth who have experienced sexual, physical, and emotional abuse or violence.   Along with his academic appointments at both Ryerson University in the Faculty of Child and Youth Care and the University of Toronto, in the Faculty of Graduate Studies in Social Work, Siegi has maintained a private practice in Toronto since 1996.

In his private practice, Siegi has a particular clinical focus and interest in men’s emotional health and well-being (from adolescence to adulthood), addressing such areas as childhood trauma, sexual violence, mental health, chemical dependency and pornography addictions, relationship and intimacy concerns, father-son/daughter –dynamics, and fathering.  In his work with adolescent boys, Siegi recognizes the unique ways in which boys (young men) tell their stories of emotional pain and hardship, and how to encourage engagement, hope, and empowerment.

Currently, Siegi also consults with the Hospital for Sick Children, Tele-Health Psychiatry, the National Ballet School of Canada, and Youth Connections Residential Treatment Program.  He has also co-authored a number of publications in the area of trauma, sexual violence, and pornography, and Siegi is regularly asked to provide training and workshops in his area of clinical interest and expertise.