My Odyssey for Equality in Education

Episode 60

Back on the road again in Ontario

My plans for the spring and summer of 2014 had to be changed. I ended up working 6-7 days per week in the family business from April to September. These things happen and my enthusiasm for the Odyssey has not been dampened.

In case anyone reading this is unfamiliar with my Odyssey for Equality in Education, here is a brief overview. After a 40 year career in education, during which I held virtually every type of position that exists in that field, I began to record some of the research which I had conducted personally over the years about why some children, most often boys, underachieve in the school system. Because of job changes and other factors, much of the research had not been written up and was still in raw form. I devoted three years on a full-time basis to writing reports on this previously done research and to doing further research into the issue. This resulted in the publication of the book, Rescuing Our Underachieving Sons.

Following this, I wrote a number of booklets that summarized my findings and presented them in an easy to read format. I also produced audio books and DVDs based on the booklets.

With the support of the Canadian Association for Equality, I then undertook to travel internationally spreading the message of what was happening to boys in the education system and what could be done to rectify the problem. This has become my Odyssey for Equality in Education. It has taken me to three countries including five provinces in Canada. It is still underway, and I am back reporting on my adventures once again.

                                                                   Dr. James S. Brown