After we put out the call for contributions, the response was overwhelming. Over a series of “moving days,” occurring during the first 10 days after we signed our lease, we accumulated a high number of items for our new home, everything from couches and coffee tables to desks and office chairs, plus a microwave, file cabinets, tools, televisions, computers, monitors, toasters, grills and the all important coffee machine. Books were donated to allow us to begin building a small library focused on men’s issues, gender studies and associated fields. Art has begun to arrive and we have started on beautifying our space. Milutin even donated use of his truck to facilitate the acquisition and transport of our items. It is incredibly heartening to note that every item in our space is a contribution from someone with a passion and dedication to our shared cause.

Here’s a little montage we put together of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families Moving In


Milutin and Paul work to load Paul’s contribution of an office desk and a couch into the truck. Paul’s dog offers her emotional support.












Rhonda and Charles arrive with a couch perfect for our office, plus everything we need for the kitchen including grills, toasters, a microwave, a coffee machine (and a place to set down your mug: a beautiful new coffee table). Also a fan which will help with rest of our moving days.





















Nick and Jaimy come through with a shelving unit, computer monitor and the item that completes every modern office: the dart board (it may also be useful for settling tie votes on our Board)












Justin, Denise and Geoff moving in Josh’s tool box, Patrick’s office chairs, Katie’s computers, Tom’s filing cabinets, and Eleanor’s beautiful art work. 20140801_132815

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