This morning at 9:10am CCMF Director Justin Trottier joined host John Oakley on AM640 to discuss the larger implications of the controversy swirling around Jian Ghomeshi. In particular, he offered remarks regarding the culture of privilege, in which those in positions of power – both men and women – will sometimes take advantage of the opportunity for personal gain.

In addition, Trottier was asked about “rape culture” on campus and responded by denouncing all acts of violence and harassment, then pointing out that we are also concerned by a culture which stifles legitimate debate about complex issues regarding sexual behaviour, which embarks upon witch hunts before investigations can occur, and which lets off those who maliciously lie or make false accusations.

We must strike a better balance between ensuring the safety of victims or of the workplace or campus environment, and ensuring justice to the accused and others who may be swept up in the ensuing public paranoia that often makes it difficult to find the truth.