This is a game changer for male victims of domestic violence.

With your support, we just became the first men’s charity authorized to provide legal aid certificates to domestic violence victims

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has a long-running program to supply victims of domestic violence special certificates granting access to lawyers paid for by the legal aid system. This is meant to offer a quick way to assist victims in an emergency situation. Women’s groups and legal clinics have been assigned to manage many of these opportunities.

Last summer, CCMF became aware of a Long Term Strategy for Domestic Violence being developed by LAO. We initiated what turned into an extensive involvement with that strategy. As CCMF became better understood we were invited to a special meeting set aside to discuss male victims of abuse.

As the culmination of these efforts, we are excited to announce that CCMF has just been authorized to provide special legal aid certificates. This is the first time a charity focused on the health and well-being of boys and men has been empowered to support families in this way.

We want to thank LAO for this tangible and formal recognition of male victims of domestic violence and for their partnership with us in ensuring that all families are supported in times of emergency.

As members and donors you are responsible for this remarkable development.

Now let’s take full advantage of this opportunity by getting more men registered with the legal services and the domestic abuse support group that are now meeting weekly at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families.

Make a tax-deductible donation today and we’ll use those funds to promote our services.
That means more men and families will get access to free government sponsored legal aid.