CCMF Welcomes Michael St. Pierre as Director of Development & Chief Financial Officer

We are so excited to announce the appointment of our first Director of Develop and CFO!

Here’s a little information about Michael:

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to serve CCMF in this new position. I’ve been a member and supporter of the organization for the past three years. My background includes fundraising and public relations.

I served as Director of Development for the AIDS Committee of Windsor, managing the agency’s fundraising program. Working with a team of volunteers, we reorganized our events, focusing on the annual AIDS Run/Walk for Life, which became our signature event. By doing so we were able to increase contributions, participation and media exposure for the organization, while also increasing volunteer involvement and effectiveness in fundraising efforts. We secured government funding for a major new program focused on gay men’s sexual health.

Prior to my above activities, I served as manager of Chrysler Canada’s Public Affairs Department. In this position, I was in charge of the company’s national media relations efforts. I also managed its corporate donations fund, which provided insight into the operations of national corporate donors.

My volunteer experience includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Mental Health Association of Windsor-Essex, serving as Business Representative to the Board and Chair of the Prevention and Specialized Services Committee.

CCMF’s fundraising efforts are essential to ensure the continued growth in activities and operations of the organization. These important activities include advocacy, research and dissemination of information on men’s issues. The establishment of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families has added vital counselling services, support groups and a legal clinic to the activities supported by CCMF.

Through our Fundraising Committee and active volunteer base, we plan to establish a multi-year fundraising plan aimed at fulfilling current and future financial needs of the organization. Over time, as the branches grow in their activities and volunteer base, we plan on nurturing fundraising programs at each of them with ongoing support from the national organization.

Through the efforts of our team, we will build the resources necessary to fill the gaps and better support men and families in need.