Court Support (Vancouver)

Program Description

This program is primarily geared towards parents who are self-representing in family court, and who are pursuing access to their children. If you feel intimidated, and are self-representing in court, you may be eligible for support regardless of your matter.

Your Court Support worker will accompany you to your court appearance and will provide support, including moral support and after court talk-down, help with taking notes, and organisation, and in some situations, if the court permits, may assist you with these while you are presenting your case. Your Court Support Worker will contact you before court, and may meet with you to familiarize themselves with you and your matter.

This is not legal representation, nor is it a substitute for hiring a lawyer. You should consult with a lawyer and/or know what you are doing before representing yourself in court. Support workers cannot give legal advice, but may refer you to further supports.

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Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to facilitate the Court Support program. We hope to offer it again in the near future!

Program Eligibility Criteria

  • Male (or male identified) who are age 18+
  • Residing in Vancouver, or the Greater Vancouver Area

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