About CCMF Vancouver

Our Vision

Healthy Boys, Men, Families, Communities.

Our Mission

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is Vancouver’s hub for boys, men, fathers and families. We proactively foster healthy boys and men by filling critical gaps in men’s services that reduce male suicide, empower fathers undergoing separation and divorce, and help boys and men heal from trauma. We support, empower and advocate for men before, during and after a crisis, in a safe, open, inclusive and supportive environment. 

Our Values

We value:

  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Healthy, holistic masculinity
  • Organizational transparency
  • An open, diverse community
  • Evidence-based public policy
  • Personal growth, education and service
  • Fundamental freedoms and human rights

We are an open and diverse community of individuals that embraces individuals regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, age, martial status or national origin.

Our Impact Statement

Educate and advocate in the community

  1. To transmit knowledge which measurably transforms people’s awareness, understanding, attitudes, and behaviour regarding the challenges faced by men and boys.
    1. Deliver six workshops on men’s health to community agencies or service professionals in the community per year.
    2. Run a suicide prevention advertisement campaign with at least one billboard ad or six transit shelter ads.
    3. Conduct ongoing evaluation on clients to measure their engagement with CCMF programs. Prepare an annual summary report for each program and across the agency. 
    4. Develop educational literature which illustrate how communities, including girls and women, benefit from services to boys and men.
  2. To advocate for legal and legislative reform that improves the well-being of boys, men and families, where there is a lack of attention, investment and support.
    1. Apply to join the Vancouver police Domestic Violence Committee.
    2. Advocate for additional provincial funding for men’s mental health services.
  3. To advocate for the inclusion of boys, men and fathers in legal and legislative reform.
    1. Work with CCMF National to advocate for equal shared parenting with a CCMF Vancouver focus on educating judges, psychologists and other professionals regarding the benefit of equal parenting.

Services that improve the lives of men and their families.

  1. To develop suicide prevention services
    1. Individual counselling services – minimum 6 client appointments/week
    2. Group support – minimum 6 clients/weekly session 
  2. To develop father involvement services
    1. Fathering After Separation or Divorce 8-week program –  4 rounds/year with minimum 6 clients/round
  3. To develop abuse Support services
    1. Domestic Abuse Support Group 12-week program – 3 rounds/year with minimum 6 clients/round
  4. To develop legal services
    1. Legal Information Clinic – minimum 6 clients/week
  5. To develop services to advance the healthy development of boys and young men
    1. Mentorship program that serves 12 youth each year
  6. To develop services to address substance abuse and addiction
    1. Individual counselling – minimum 2 clients appointments/week
    2. Support group  – minimum 4 clients/weekly session
  7. To develop community outreach services
    1. Setup a Vancouver men’s shed – minimum 16 unique clients per year

Sustainable Infrastructure

  1. To build sustainable human resources
    1. To hire a full-time Executive Director to manage operations, with a strong emphasis on fundraising.
    2. To develop a professional executive committee of 7 committed volunteers 
    3. To build a solid core team of minimum 24 volunteers
    4. To recommend to CCMF National the establishment of a Governance Board to coordinate branches and centres in the region
  2. To build sustainable physical infrastructure
    1. To open a sustainable facility to deliver programs and services to the community
  3. To build sustainable knowledge and systems
    1. To integrate our client management system within the system in place at CCMF National for efficiently managing CCMF Vancouver clients and programs
    2. To create a financial management system that supports organizational growth
  4. To build sustainable financial resources
    1. To develop a realistic long term budget 
    2. To develop a sustainable fundraising strategy 

Leadership and Credibility

  1. To promote inclusivity, challenge biased paradigms, and inspire and mentor others to fill gaps. 
    1. To meet with minimum 4 MLA’s/year to educate about the CCMF and improve the public perception of boys and men’s issues
    2. To get two stories on CCMF Vancouver programs per year published in mainstream press 
    3. To publish testimonials from CCMF clients through youtube videos that reach minimum of 25000 views/year
    4. To publish our work on twitter and facebook that reaches minimum 50,000 engagements/year
  2. To grow into a known, valued and respected collaborative partner in the community of service agencies
    1. To provide training, workshops and educational materials to agencies working to improve their programs for boys and men
    2. To collaborate with other agencies on sector-wide research, policy setting and gap analysis.
    3. To support academic researchers with appropriate access to clients and facilitators upon request
    4. To collaborate and cooperate with CCMF branches across the country such that CCMF Vancouver contributes to the national organization becoming an authority on equality as set out in our mandate.

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