Program: Domestic Abuse, Violence and Trauma Support for Men


To register, follow these instructions:
Click on the National Registration Portal. For “Closest CCMF Branch,” select “Toronto,” and then for “What program(s) are you interested in?” select “Domestic Abuse Recovery Program”.



Are you a man who has experienced Abuse or Violence in an intimate relationship – do you feel Manipulated, Diminished or Traumatized?

We can help.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families offers support services dedicated to men and open to all male identified people. All programs are free. Join us for positive, affirming and confidential support.


Support group for men who’ve experienced intimate partner abuse, violence or trauma

We understand men who’ve been in abusive relationships need a safe and compassionate environment to begin the process of healing. Our highest priority is ensuring the group environment is safe, non-judgmental and compassionate for all men, and male identified people, attending regardless of sexual orientation, identification, religion, race, colour, background or experiences.

The goals of the group are:
 To provide group members with support from others who are going through or have gone through categorically similar experiences.
 To acquire the skills, coping mechanisms, and resources to get you through this difficult time.
 To begin the recovery process, to heal, and regain control in your life – become empowered.
 To provide a safe and confidential space where you can be heard in a compassionate, empathetic, and non-judgmental environment.
 To meet with others who understand your experiences because they have traveled down the same path.
 To provide connection to others who may have felt isolated and alone.

If you feel diminished in any of your intimate/family relationships, think you might have been in an abusive situation or have experienced violence please contact us – we can help.




If you are in danger

We can refer you to Toronto shelters that are working in partnership with us. We also provide a variety of goods and products that may be of assistance to you.



Are you looking for affordable housing in Toronto? 
We are authorized a help you complete a “Confirmation of Abuse” form as part of your application to Toronto Housing Connection’s special program for victims of domestic abuser, known as the Special Priority Household Category.



Legal Support

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families Legal Assistance Clinic provides access to family law and criminal law lawyers for advice, resources, tools and information. We also provide legal aid certificates as part of our partnership with Legal Aid Ontario  which grants two hours of one-on-one legal aid specifically for male domestic violence victims from anywhere in Ontario. The certificate provides access to an advice lawyer to discuss family or immigration law. For more information click here.

Fathering Programs

We currently offer an exciting program dedicated to divorced or separated fathers. The ‘Fathering After Separation or Divorce’ (FASD) program will provide a broad range of knowledge, resources and skills for fathers looking to maintain a strong relationship with their children following a divorce or separation. For more information click here.

One on One Trauma Counselling
Counsellors are available to provide free of charge counselling for men, women and couples. For more information click here.

Access to variety of goods and products that may be of assistance to you, including:

  • clothing for children and male adults, including socks, shirts, shorts, pants and jeans
  • winter items for children and male adults, including gloves, scarves and tuques
  • formal wear, including collar shirts, suits, pants, ties and belts
  • briefcases and purses
  • children’s toys and games
  • hygiene items



You can register through the links above or contact us for urgent support: or 647-479-9611




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