Founders Club and Donor Recognition

Spearheaded by an anonymous supporter who donated $5,000, the Founders Club was created to provide a special program of recognition, access, and engagement for additional supporters who each contribute a matching donation of at least $5,000

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Our generous Founders Club members

Hal Roback
Malcolm Johnston
Dr. James Brown
Aidan Murray
Murray Pearson
Louis Sapi
Fred Litwin
Brian Ludmer
+ 3 Anonymous Donors

IMG_0121 (1)I donate because our public policy, public schools and media are so often indifferent or hostile towards the needs of boys and men. Children need fathers in their lives and boys need to be educated with an acknowledgment of natural male behavioural differences, rather being drugged into docility. I urge anyone who cares about the needs of the boys and men in their lives to consider giving their time or donations.”
– Aidan Murray


Fred-LitwinOf the many causes that I contribute to, the Canadian Centre for Men and Families is the most important. No other national organization cares as much about men’s and boy’s issues as does the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, and for that I am deeply grateful.
– Fred Litwin

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