She for He Support Group

CCMF – Ottawa brings a new dimension to support for men with an educational and support group for women who wish to learn how to better support the men in their lives.

She for He is a one-of-its-kind group that supports women’s desires to support men. The group aims to provide women with education and support to ensure that they feel confident in supporting the men and boys in their lives. The group will discuss raw topics like toxic masculinity, feminism, stigmas surrounding men and boys, consent, and fathers rights. In addition, the group is participant led where women can come together to gain the support needed to be a positive support system for their spouses, exes, sons, fathers, uncles, cousins, friends, grandfathers, nephews, etc.

The group will invite guest speakers and educators as needed to support their exploration of various topics of interest and concern.

The She for He support and education group meets biweekly on Sunday evenings, currently by Zoom videoconference.  Contact us for details or to join the group.

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