Rainbow Legal Support: A Program for Gay Dads and GBTQ+ Men

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Rainbow Legal Support is proud to provide our services through our partnership with the Canadian Centre for Men and Families.

You can access this program in two ways:

  1. Contact us now for a legal referral
  2. Join our next regularly scheduled workshop at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families

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Fee: No charge


This program seeks to fill a critical gap in services within the LGBTTQ community. We provide legal assistance to gay, bi and trans men who are exploring their fathering options, including assistance around

• Adoption
• Surrogacy
• Egg and sperm donor agreements
• other aspects of planning for fatherhood.

In addition, we may be able to assist with a variety of legal challenges specific to GBTQ+ boys and men, including domestic violence within same-sex relationships and family and immigration law matters:

Same-Sex Couples Family Law Issues
Parental alienation, marriage and domestic contracts, spousal support, child support, custody arrangements co-parenting agreements, adoption orders to secure parental recognition, division of family property upon separation, gay and lesbian divorce, second parent adoption

Immigration Law
Spousal sponsorship for same-sex couples

If you are looking for support with general family law or criminal law matters we recommend registering for the Legal Assistance Clinic provided by our partners the Canadian Centre for Men and Families

Research Material

A great article from one of the in-house lawyers at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families
David Russell: Surrogacy Options for Gay Men in Canada

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