Programs and Services

Programs & Services

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families provides a broad range of programs: workshops, mentorship, advice, support and discussion groups, as well as individual, peer and family counselling.

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Program: Domestic Abuse Support Program

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (pending availability)

If you feel diminished in any of your intimate/family relationships, think you might have been in an abusive situation or have experienced violence please contact us – we can help. The goals of our program encompass providing  support, skills, coping strategies and more in traversing this difficult time.

We understand men who’ve been in abusive relationships need a safe and compassionate environment to begin the process of healing. Begin the recovery process in a group environment that is safe, non-judgmental and compassionate for all men regardless of sexual orientation, identification, religion, race, colour, background or experiences.

Fee: No charge





Program: Legal Information Clinic

Schedule: Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 PM

Our clinic helps men overcome legal problems that disproportionately affect males, with emphasis on family and criminal law. Our lawyers provide resources, tools and info in group and individual settings.

Fee: No charge


Program: One on One Therapy/Counselling

Schedule: Thursdays 6:00-8:15 PM, by appointment.

Our doors are open for your benefit, we have a local counselor who is available to provide therapy/counselling when you need someone to listen and assist with overwhelming situations. Call to book an appointment.

Fee: No charge


Program: Fathers After Separation or Divorce

Schedule: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 PM – June 24th – August 11th

A unique parenting program for fathers who have gone through separation or divorce. Expand your parenting skills and strengthen your relationship with your children through the  unique circumstance and challenges that separation or divorce brings. Learn common pitfalls and critical information required to navigate the communication, legal and co-partnering challenges you or your child may face. Limited spots, register today!

Fee: No charge






Program: Men’s Peer Support Group

Schedule: Monday’s 7:00-8:15 PM

Our support group is here to assist men who have no one to speak with regarding the issues they are facing. Join fathers, boys and other men of all ages in a safe, man-friendly environment to discuss any hardships you my be facing.  Facilitated by experienced counselors, this is a compassionate space where you will feel heard.

Fee: No charge







The following new programs are in development:

Featured Groups and Guests Lecture Series

Mentorship for Boys and Young Men

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