Our Library

Mountain View

The Canadian Association for Equality owns a reference library which can be accessed at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families at 152 Carlton St., Unit 201, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2J9.

The following categories are identified in the left most columns, and each is available in the following category listing

(A) Abuse, Bullying & Violence
(B) Boys and Youth : Education & Employment
(C) Children’s Rights : Fathers & Male Mentors
(D) Divorce, Separation & Spousal Support
(E) Emotions: Masculinity & Mental Health
(F) Fathers: Nurturing Dads & Parenting Plans
(G) Gender: Relationships, Responsibilities & Roles
(H) Health: Physical Fitness & Medical Treatment
(I) Identity: Culture, Community, Sports & Work
(J) Justice: Misandry & Human Rights
(K) Konflict: Dispute / Conflict Resolution, War & Peace
(L) Legal Info: Court process & Case law
(M) Miscellaneous, Other & General Reading
(S) Spirituality and Religion

Thank you to the dozens of donors who contributed literature to build this library and to the many volunteers who catalogued the material. The literature is largely focused on men’s issues and gender, although the collection ranges broadly in subject matter.

We are especially grateful to Dr. Paul Nathanson and Professor Katherine Young from McGill University for donating their collection, including research literature on men in relation to warfare and conflict.

Our library is one way in which we aim to promote an understanding of different ideas and experiences which transcend ideology. The statements in the books of this library do not necessarily represent CAFE positions or opinions. Please note that a substantial collection of books

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