Legal Assistance Clinic

The legal clinic provides you an opportunity to interact with our legal team and get advice and support.

Fee: No charge. We aim to ensure income level is not a barrier to participation in any of our programs.


The Canadian Centre for Men and Families Legal Assistance Clinic covers family and criminal law.

Our legal clinic will provide you with resources, tools and information to assist you in navigating the legal system. Legal resources will be provided in group setting as well as one on one with a lawyer where circumstances allow.

You’ll be able to share your situation with others who have gone through the system and discuss your matter in a welcoming group setting. This group is especially useful to those who are self-representing, in low-income situations or for people looking for general legal advice.

The legal clinic will not provide you with legal representation, nor is it a substitute for hiring a lawyer.

Please take note of the following in order to ensure a productive experience at the legal clinic:

  1. Arrive with summarized facts of your case and have specific questions to ask.
  2. The amount of time we will spend with each client will depend on the number of clients who arrive on a given week. In addition, we will generally serve clients on a first come, first served basis. However, we may prioritize clients with new or urgent cases, and we may spend more time on certain cases if they may be of general interest to the group.
  3. New clients will be required to fill out a waiver and questionnaire before being provided legal advice. This is mandatory and there are no exceptions.
  4. It is strongly encouraged that you arrive by the starting time of 6:30PM.
  5. If you are already represented by a lawyer, our lawyers may be able to provide only general legal advice.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse service at the sole discretion of our lawyers.

Legal Clinic Advice Disclaimer

      General Legal Guidance and Advice
1.1 Our service provides general legal guidance and information and not specific legal advice and should be treated as such; it is not a substitute for retaining a lawyer as and when needed.

 No lawyer-client relationship
2.1 No solicitor-client relationship shall be created through the reliance of any advice provided.
2.2  The transmission of an email message to one of our lawyers or legal representatives does not result in the creation of a solicitor-client relationship and thus your email will not be protected by solicitor-client privilege.
2.3 Any information provided through email will remain confidential.
2.4 Any advice provided by a legal representative of our service is likely to be incomplete due to the restrictive nature of advice provided through email.
2.5 If you have any specific questions about any legal matter that falls outside the areas of expertise of our legal representatives, you should immediately consult with another legal service provider.
2.6 Any advice received will be specific to the area of law practiced by the legal representative and the procedures of the province of Ontario and the country of Canada. The law varies from province to province and may not reflect the laws of your jurisdiction.

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