Mental Health Services for Men

Registration: Contact: Carol Huber, Registered Psychologist, at or Dan McKinnon, Registered Psychologist, at


We offer three men’s mental health programs

  1. One-on-one therapy and counselling, provided by registered psychologists, social workers or supervised practicum students.
    We offer pay what you can afford confidential individual, couple or family therapy for a wide variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, separation/divorce, social isolation, employment, low self-esteem
    The following programs are provided free of charge. We aim to ensure income level is not a barrier to participation in any of our programs.
  2. Men’s peer support group, providing boys and men with a safe space to open up and talk about their struggles and to assist men in developing the capabilities to better manage and live through their times of hardship. The Canadian Centre for Men and Families Peer Support group is a safe space for fathers, boys and men of all ages to discuss whatever difficulties or hardships they are experiencing. Issues might include family break-up, loss of a loved one, employment challenges, or absolutely any other experiences you wish to share. The program will combine emotional support as well as practical information. The program is co-facilitated by a professional and by another man who has been through similar problems. The professional has a psychotherapy, social work or social service background and experience in group support programs. In addition we will be regularly joined by a variety of individuals with particular expertise to share in areas like parenting, family courts, homelessness, mental health and addiction.
  3. Mentorship for at-risk boys and young men. The Canadian Centre for Men and Families provides both one on one mentorship available to all boys and young men, as well as a separate group mentorship circle dedicated to new Canadians, particularly fathers and sons, who are adjusting to life in Canada.

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