Program: Fathering After Separation or Divorce


To register, follow these instructions:
Click on the National Registration Portal.
For “Closest CCMF Branch,” select “Toronto,” and then for “What program(s) are you interested in?” select “Fathering After Separation or Divorce”.


We currently offer an exciting program dedicated to divorced or separated fathers. The ‘Fathering After Separation or Divorce’ (FASD) program will provide a broad range of knowledge, resources and skills for fathers looking to maintain a strong relationship with their children following a divorce or separation.


FASD is offered Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. You must register in advance. The week day varies from session to session.

What You Get

This program will provide valuable knowledge, resources and skills with a curriculum built for fathers, based on the best research from child psychologists, father-friendly lawyers and men’s health providers:

– Better understand what your child is going through and the changes they will experience
– Learn conflict resolution, team work, communication and co-parenting skills
– Learn how to deal with and report child abuse
– Learn how to take care of your emotional and physical health and well-being
– Learn how to protect yourself and understand your rights and obligations
– Navigate the legal system, including duty counsel, Family Responsibility Office, Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Family Law Information Centre, Legal Aid Clinics, etc
– Connect to other father’s groups, social service agencies, lawyers and medical professionals
– Hear from special experts and guests who will join us as much as can be arranged


Eligible participants must be male, father of one or more children (not necessary to be biological father), separated or divorced, someone who sees separation or divorce as an issue they are trying to work on, have an interest in the needs and well being of their children and not be registered in other parenting programs. Priority will be given to those coming from a disadvantaged background

Registration Deadline/Launch

Registration closes soon. Contact us now.


This program is free of charge.


Giuliano Domenico


The program is supported by the following Canadian Centre for Men and Families Advisors who will join us as guests from time to time:

Brian Jenkins is Director, International Institute for Family Research in Toronto, and facilitates meetings of the group Fathers Are Capable Too.

Heidi Nabert is the co-founder and president of the National Shared Parenting Association and Director of Fathers’ Resources International.

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. is Founder of the International Fatherhood Initiative and author of the book They’re Your Kids Too: The Single Father’s Guide to Protecting Your Fatherhood in a Broken Family Law System.

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This program is generously supported by the following sponsors:



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