Fathering Peer Support Group – Ottawa


How can I be a good father, including following separation or divorce?



Biweekly Mondays 7-9:00 pm





Program Description:

Our fathering program is tailored to fathers who have gone through, or who are going through a separation or divorce. This group meets on a weekly basis to discuss issues relating to single parenting, how to be a good father, how to overcome partner separation with the interests of children in mind. The goal of the program is to share experiences in a safe environment and discuss positive approaches to fathering. It is important that participants are respectful of each other and behave appropriately during meetings. Throughout this program participants will:

  • Better understand what their child is going through and the changes they will experience
  • Learn conflict resolution, team work, communication and co-parenting skills
  • Learn how to deal with and report child abuse
  • Learn how to take care of their emotional and physical health and well-being
  • Connect to other father’s groups, social service agencies, lawyers and medical professionals
  • Hear from special experts and guests who will join us occasionally

As this is a peer support group, participants will not receive therapy, counselling or legal advice and should seek elsewhere for these supports if needed.

Meetings are currently occurring via Zoom due to COVID restrictions. This program is facilitated by Gerry Giuliani.

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