The Etienne Ramses Memorial Fund

Portrait of Etienne Ramses
mounted on gold leaf.
Photo by Nicola Woods

Etienne Ramses was a gifted young man. He was smart, curious and loving. But his potential was never fulfilled because Etienne took his life in September 2017, months before his 18th birthday.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families and its parent charity Canadian Association for Equality, with support from Etienne’s father and long-time CAFE member Paul Ramses, is announcing:

The Etienne Ramses Memorial Fund

The Etienne Ramses Memorial Fund has been setup to support
1) public education programs to de-stigmatize men’s mental health issues, including lectures and workshops
2) consciousness-raising efforts to bring attention to men’s suicide and how to prevent it, including our forthcoming billboard campaign
3) intervention programs and services to support men and families in crisis.

Donate to The Etienne Ramses Memorial Fund. Donations receive a charity receipt.

Etienne Dalai Ramses
March 17 2000 to September 27 2017

Any father could not be prouder of a man such as Etienne, so full of life, so giving, with a heart of gold and a sharp affectionate mind. I fell in love with my little man, moments after his very difficult birth, watched him take his first steps, and utter his first words, “Dad help”. Even so, I could see that Etienne had to constantly fight the thoughts that he did not fit in with the expectations of the world. He fought on and through the struggle grew into an amazing man, discovering the joy of being in nature, of reading books and of giving us strong and heart felt hugs. Music with soul was his solace especially ‘80’s rock, whilst discussing the horrors of the Frankfurt school of thought gave him reason to continue his struggle to find his place in the world. Etienne enjoyed a hearty laugh with his many friends, but never did he mock another for to him, we each have a hidden story and we all deserved respect. Etienne and I often had insights into each other’s minds, we were linked through our shared journeys even though we were often prevented from being together. As bouts of depression manifested, he looked at the nature of his mind and began a personal journey within, but he reached for the secret too soon and felt incomplete. Now I have a box of ashes to remind me of his glory, our shared hopes, aspirations and potential to change the world. Memories of a noble, shining diamond of a young man, and the positive effects he made on all of us, that is all that is left of my son. My noble Etienne, Dakini and I love you, miss you and though we wish that you were still here, we light a lamp of hope for your safe journey.
– Paul Ramses

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