One-on-one Counselling and Therapy – Ottawa

This program is by appointment only.



By arrangement with our counsellors


Pay what you can.

For missed appointments, however, a 48 hours notice will be required, or a  $50 fee may be charged.


Program Description:


The Individual Counseling Program will address a broad spectrum of presenting issues.

This program, offering short-term counselling is not designed to serve individuals presenting with severe mental health issues, and this will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis at the time of the intake process. Ongoing discussion with the director will be the norm in all such evaluations and considerations. Whenever and wherever possible, alternative appropriate mental health resources may be suggested.

Potential participants for the counselling program need to be aware of the commitment on their part to attend sessions responsibly and on time. Attendees will be required to give 48 hours’ prior notice for session cancellation.

A brief confidential summary of each session will be outlined in writing by the counsellor at the end of the session.

This short-term counselling program for men is designed to provide a venue for opening up dialogue around issues as they pertain to the individual client. It is an opportunity for the participants to be heard and supported while exploring areas of personal difficulty and distress.

With support and exploration, a dominant objective in this short-term counselling process is to help the participants gain greater insight and clarity around the nature and the root of their issue(s). With a clearer understanding of the issue(s), suggestions and ideas around dealing effectively with the issue(s) can be explored and developed.

In a short-term counselling venue as offered in this program, it may often be a place to start becoming more aware of the thoughts behind our distress. It can shed light on how our thinking is influencing our feelings and our behaviour. Thus, with this awareness, a change in thinking can often begin to make a difference in how we feel and behave.

The second component of this short-term counselling program is to help the participants gain a sense of the origin of thinking and feelings, as influenced by life experiences.

Finally, this counselling program seeks to offer support and exploration around distressing issues by talking about feelings and ways of thinking and interpreting life’s experiences. With clarity around the origins of our thinking and feelings, we can look at ways to make changes in how we think and feel. This program is an introductory examination of the issues, suggestions and ideas around how to make change.

For one-on-one counselling or therapy, appointments must be made by contacting us at or 613-518-1065

Appointments will take place at the Canadian Centre for Men and Families in Ottawa located at 292 Montreal Rd, Suite 302 Vanier Ontario K1L 6B8.



All participants are required to go through an intake process and also sign the agreement form on the first session.

Any queries or concerns can be addressed to the Executive Director of the Centre.

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