CAFE 2015 Annual General Meeting

The CAFE AGM is Thursday, May 19th from 6:00PM – 8:00PM EDT (Note the starting time is not 7PM as is often the case).

If you have any questions regarding these instructions or you run into difficulties during the meeting tomorrow night, please email and provide your contact phone number where we can return your call.
In order to access the AGM remotely, you have two options. Option #1 is to use an online application, by which you can choose to participate by video or audio only. Option #2 is to call in on your phone which allows only audio participation. We prefer you use option #1 as video participation will improve communications, but we’ve provided both instructions below.

Option #1: Online application
First, go to  Ignore the login prompt itself, and instead click the “Get Desktop App” link highlighted in the image below.
Inline image 1
This should automatically download the installer, and the page will show installation instructions for you to follow.  Once you’ve installed the program, it will be labeled “FCC,” with an icon of a telephone.
Once opened, you will see the following screen.  Select “Join,” as shown below.Inline image 3
Enter your name and email address, along with the ID for the meeting.  The ID for the AGM will be “info3676” as shown.  Finally, click “Join” again to join the call.
Inline image 4

Option #2: Phone participation 

Call (712) 770-4010. When the call connects you will be asked to enter your access code. Enter the following on your phone: 721698#.

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