Authentic Masculinity Workshop

Authentic Masculinity

This workshop is founded on the idea that conscious examination of your life makes it more worth living. In this one day workshop, men will come together to reflect on their journey into manhood. Participants will review key moments and rites of passage that have affected the way they define themselves and will seek to reclaim what is most authentic. They will explore the positive and negative influences of the dominant culture and examine the role models that have shaped them.

This workshop will:
• Explore the experience of becoming and being a man.
• Assist participants to connect and align with authentic masculine authority.
• Offer exercises for deeper self-understanding and self-healing.

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:
• Would like to become more conscious of true masculine authority.
• Desire a deeper sense of being present and engaged in your life.
• Desire to be more authentic in your role as husband, father, brother, son and partner.

This workshop will be offered in three zoom sessions of 3 hours each, starting in October 2020.  Please contact us for further details or to register.

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