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Toronto Radio Ads Seek to Expand MeToo to Include Male Victims

TORONTO, ON – (December 4, 2018) On the one year anniversary of MeToo, a new national campaign, the first of its kind, will cast a critical eye on the direction of the influential social movement, with radio ads starting today on a major Toronto radio station.

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CCMF), a charity integrating boys and men into gender equality, is exploring the problems and the opportunities of MeToo through public service ads and various events.

“Beyond doubt the MeToo movement has catalyzed much needed awareness of the horrible experiences suffered by many women, but in several ways MeToo is missing the mark, and that’s a missed opportunity for everyone,” said Justin Trottier, CCMF Executive Director.

The central messages of CCMF’s campaign:

  1. MeToo means MenToo: Recently the woman who launched MeToo, Tarana Burke, stated explicitly that the movement must do a better job to welcome the thousands of male survivors.
  2. Vigilante justice is not justice. We must reconcile two fundamental goals: respecting alleged victims and respecting alleged perpetrators. No one should be automatically believed. Instead, all evidence must be weighed in a court of law.
  3. There is no place for engaging in the collective shaming of all men, a serious form of identity harassment.
  4. MeToo can lead to genuine sexual equality, if we hold both sexes accountable for intimidating or exploiting behaviour, honour the distinctive contributions of both sexes and promote compassion for both sexes.

Justin Trottier
Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Men and Families

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is committed to achieving equality for all Canadians, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, race, ethnicity, creed, age or disability.