Mountain View

Recently a new online debate forum – the “tete a tete” forum – was established and its opening issue was entitled: “What changes can we make to our social, political and legal institutions to improve gender equity in Canada?”

Canadian Centre for Men and Families Board Member, Edward Sullivan, represented our perspective in the debate, authoring the essay, “The future of gender equity requires cooperation, not infighting.”

The forum bills itself as promoting “reasoned, civil, constructive discourse on important issues facing society.” 

We’ll let you be the judge of that.

Check out the main debate page or read Edward’s essay

“As our society has moved closer to the goal of overall gender equity, the natural expectation would be a shift towards approaches that integrate the concerns and issues of men, women and those outside the traditional gender binary. What has happened, curiously enough, is almost the exact opposite.”
– Edward Sullivan, Canadian Centre for Men and Families