As part of my Odyssey for Equality I had the privilege of meeting with the man who is accepted as the international expert in the field of holistic education, Dr. Jack Miller of the University of Toronto. Jack is a professor in the curriculum department at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. His work with the three Ts – Transmission, Transaction and Transformation – is especially significant when applied to my own work in the area of the degree to which some children, mostly boys, underachieve in school.

Authentic education is much more than memorizing facts or solving problems. It is the sum total of who we become as a result of our experiences, in this case, in the education system. Many boys are alienated by the experience, and as a result they are affected by this for a lifetime. It would therefore appear to be critical that we see to it that schools recognize the impact that their approach to male as well as female students has.

The meeting was extremely productive and I will be making a presentation to a group of holistic educators that Jack is involved with in February, 2014.

It would appear that the Odyssey for Equality is gaining recognition and making a difference.