As I prepare to leave for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, I wish to thank all of the groups that have worked so hard to organize this speaking tour. Without their efforts, time and dedication, none of this would have been possible. They are listed below in alphabetical order:

Canadian Association For Equality General
Equitable Child Maintenance & Access Society Red Deer, Winnipeg, Saskatoon

– – – Lethbridge

Men’s Rights Edmonton (MR-E) Edmonton
Parental Alienation Awareness Network (PAAN) Calgary
Parental Alienation Awareness Network (PAAN) Lloydminster
Regina Shared Parenting Network (RSPN) Regina

If I have missed anyone, I apologize and I will include them in a future episode. As I travel to these locations, I will be posting more information about each of these sponsoring bodies.

Watch for references to them on my signage at each speaking event, and also note their distinctive Tee shirts.

These organizations share my ongoing concern about the future of our children. This concern for our children, of course, is the whole point of the Odyssey for Equality. Each of us contributes our time and resources to make the lives of all children better.

Dr. James S. Brown