We’ve received many emails since news of the opening of the Canadian Centre for Men and Families broke. This one really stood out:

It is long overdue! Please address this:
This is written by a woman, in support of men.
The justice system needs to be called to task.  Far too many men are being arrested for domestic assault WHEN it is the women doing the abusing.  Women have taken the new Domestic Violence Law to victimize men.  It is disgusting.
The abused men who call Police for assistance are mostly cuffed, charged and put in jail.  Then they need to have a surety and the expense of a lawyer (which cases drag on and out and cost these men thousands upon thousands of dollars).
I know now of 7 cases where the men DID not touch their partners, 3 of the 7 called Police and they were ALL charged.  The women using this law do not realize the emotional and financial cost of these false charges.   And when all is said and done, the men usually take a plea to save from needing to go bankrupt, as after a plea there is normally Anger Management which is also paid by the accused.   This is NOT justice.  The women should be made to pay all of the accused’s legal costs especially when in 90% of cases the woman want to drop the case and usually provide a letter of reference for those they have put in this situation, usually because they cannot handle their alcohol.
Let it be known, I was an abused wife and left my abuser.  I didn’t need to cripple him financially.  I just left.   
And I completely understand and agree there are women in terrible situations who need a safe way to get out and count on their abusers being locked away to provide them with a sense of safety/security.  Sadly many women use the system as a form of payback.  
I appreciate what you are doing,