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“The Evolution of Fathers Rights: Redefining The Best Interests of Children”

Thursday, September 22, 7:00 PM
Sidney Smith Hall, Rm 1083 – 100 St. George St, @ the University of Toronto ALL WELCOME

1950s gender stereotypes still determine the final results in Family Court. In the name of children’s best interest, publicly funded services are designed to separate fathers from children, treating them instead like wallets.

The tragic casualties are the children. Kids are routinely denied the benefit from an equal parenting relationship with both parents.

Join Danny Guspie, Executive Director of Fathers Resources International and organizer of several National Shared Parenting Conferences, to hear about his activism for reform of family courts.

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Hosted by the Canadian Association for Equality.
Part of our Men’s Issues Awareness Campaign

Danny Guspie, is Executive Director of Fathers Resources International. will share his perspective and experiences gained over the last 20 years as a national divorce-reform activist / educator, counselor, coach and law clerk, helping fathers secure justice for their children.


Divorced Dads – Sons of The Liberation: Redefining The Best Interests of Children

The History Of Fathers Rights In The Late 20th Century

The late 19th and early 20th century saw the rise of the women’s suffrage movement – a necessary battle to afford women the same
rights as men.

The 1970s women’s liberation movement focus was to achieve a more equal standing in the workplace and Family Courts. The sons of these women were taught that all of us are equal, regardless of gender. These same women surely never imagined that their sons
would have to bring their work full circle.

Today, 1950s gender stereotypes still determine the final results during separation and divorce proceedings in Family Court.

Ultimately, children are being denied their birthright to family peace, security and the right to benefit from an equal parenting
relationship with both parents.

In the last 30 years, family break up affects over 50% of the children in the western world. These children often become victims of
‘institutional child abuse’ – denied the legal presumption that both of their parents will continue to be equally involved in their lives.

The Economics and Emotional Cost of Family Courts for Children

Men and fathers have become second-class citizens – at law – when facing separation, divorce and Family Court proceedings. The
tragic casualties are the children as they often become pawns for profit by THE DIVORCE INDUSTRY.

“The Divorce Industry”– dominated by lawyers – opposes all Family Court reform that may jeopardize the profitability of their legal practice. As a result, Family Court procedures can cost a family over $100,000.00 – well beyond the means of the average Canadian family. As a result, families often pay legal fees by liquidating all of the family assets.

Most often families run out of money before their matter is settled – resulting in blame, bitterness and anger. Lawyers move on to the
next family…while 79.2% of moms and dads in Family Court struggle to represent themselves.

Sewing The Seeds of Institutional Child Abuse

Family court is a war zone – the primary victims are the children. Publicly funded services are designed to help women to effectively disenfranchise children from their fathers, in part due to the economics of separation, divorce and Family Court proceedings.

The Economics of Profit and Dysfunction

Over 95% of children are denied their rights to family security, happiness, peace, well-being, self confidence and self esteem.

Resulting Risks Include:

* Sexual Abuse by Pedophiles
* Teen Pregnancy
* Suicide
* Running Away From Home
* Homelessness
* Behavioural Disorders
* School Dropouts
* Poverty
* Criminal Behavior: Rape, Drugs, Theft, Murder
* Prison
* Death

Enter – The Sons of The Liberation…

GOOD NEWS – Change is on the horizon…not all children will face a bleak future.

The fathers whose grandmothers and mothers fought for equal rights – these men are redefining how we view the rights of children. These fathers are not angry or struggling – consigned to failure through bigotry, ignorance, politics, poor public policy and economics…

…These are the “Strategic Divorced Dads”.

What is needed is a new philosophy and the language skills to articulate a new standard of care for children of separation and divorce.

In today’s socially interconnected world – these men discover the models of success they need and deliver social justice to their children.

Mentoring, coaching and supporting each other; They have found the key to unlock a new way of thinking about separation, divorce and Family Court proceedings.

Understanding how to recognize ‘institutional child abuse’ – they refuse to participate or become part of the child abuse by maintaining a calm, child focused view – all while holding accountable all members of the Divorce Industry and/or publicly funded institutions.

The primary focus is love – not hate – EVERY CHILD deserves no less. Forgiving instead of blaming, insisting that parents have a duty of care for children that must be fully engaged in self-sacrifice.

Insisting that when Government institutions and/or Family Courts legally act in place of a parent – they too must conform to the same ‘peaceful’ standard. Failing which, is recognized as child abuse.

These fathers refuse to engage in such abuse.

These dads are successfully navigating within the confines of Family Court legislation and procedure to advocate, articulate and educate us on a new Family Court paradigm:


And their children are the biggest winners.