Hamilton, Ontario was another productive stop on the Odyssey for Equality. I had the privilege of meeting with Teresa Hartnett, the Director of Family Ministry at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton. I had met Teresa a few years ago when I was the Director of Policy and Research with the Ontario government’s Education Improvement Commission. At that time, Teresa was the President of the Ontario Parents’ Council, and had the task of advising the Ontario government about educational issues of interest to parents. We had both attended a number of meetings at the government offices at Queen’s Park, Ontario. She also participated in many of the public hearings that were held around the province and at which I had served as recorder.

With Teresa’s background experiences with the Ontario Parent Council and her current employment in the field of family ministry, she had much to offer me in terms of advice and contacts at our meeting in Hamilton.

Thank you, Teresa Hartnett, for your support for me and my project. With your help and that of others like you, the Odyssey for Equality will continue to meet its objective of raising public awareness about the need for greater equality in our society in general and in our education system in particular.