By James Brown, Canadian Association for Equality Advisor:

WOW! What an adrenaline rush! Today the Odyssey for Equality took me to Waterloo, Ontario where I met with Christiane Sadler. Christiane is the Executive Director at the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council and a very dynamic woman.

After speaking with her, I was exhausted.She forced me to defend the positions that I was taking by challenging my assertions about equality. I was delighted by the fact that we were really on the same track in our efforts to help young people. We agreed that prevention is critical and that children, mostly boys, who experience a lack of success in the early years in the school system are most likely to be disengaged, often from societal values as well as from the educational enterprise. Obviously, when a boy has lost interest in school and dropped out early, his employment, and hence his overall life We were able to share resource materials and the names of people who will be of assistance to both our causes. We agreed to stay in touch so I’m certain her name will appear in these reports again in the future.

Thank you, Christiane, for your time and interest.