Dear friends,

The Canadian Centre for Men and Families will now become a reality thanks to the hundreds of contributors – men and women – who rose to the challenge to be part of something truly unique. We at the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) have been overwhelmed by the response we received both in terms of financial support as well as connections with community leaders that have come forward to participate in this project.

You raised the $50,000 we set as our target to complete Phase 1.

You ensured our success against overwhelming challenges: campaigns of hate and misinformation, law-breaking and dangerous protests of our events and special security fees to guarantee our right to speak freely.

You recognized that the first “Men’s Centre” in Toronto would not threaten anyone but rather compliment important efforts at gender equality by providing services and support to boys, men and their families, while continuing our public education and consciousness raising campaign to bring a spotlight on disregarded issues like violence against men, the emerging educational crises for boys and the anti-father bias in family courts.

You ensured our ability to build a safe space for educational, research, advocacy and social services for boys, men and families.

We are now in Phase 2 of this project.  A series of consultations with community leaders and other stakeholders will culminate in a Vision, Governance and Operational Guide for the Canadian Centre for Men and Families. This will be publicly available over the next 2 weeks.

Phase 3 will begin in February when we set out to look for our new home!

The Canadian Association for Equality wants to express its deepest thanks and appreciation to all of our individual members and donors, to the groups in and beyond the movement that have stepped up to help us fundraise and spread awareness, and to our amazing and growing team of volunteers.

2013 was a game changer of a year when it comes to awareness on boys’ and men’s issues. With your continued support 2014 will be even better. And when the Canadian Centre for Men and Families opens its doors and lives up to its slogan as the “place whose time has come,” we want you to know that you made that happen.

– The Canadian Association for Equality Board of Directors