Big News: Canadian Association for Equality receives charity status!

After a strong mandate from our members to pursue an application for charity status, and a lengthy process of 16 months, we are very excited to announce that the Canadian Association for Equality has just become a registered charity! 
Read our media advisory: Government Grants Charity Status to First “Men’s Issues” Group

The benefits of charity status are significant. Henceforth your donations in support of our important programs are eligible for charitable receipts which are tax-deductible on your income tax returns. Additionally, CAFE will now qualify for a wide variety of grants and bursaries which are largely and sometimes exclusively available to charitable organizations. 

Perhaps most significant is that this development, following a detailed review of our programs by the Canada Revenue Agency, serves as a major legitimization of our men’s issues agenda and a great step for our movement. There are only a handful of social service focused men’s resource centres across Canada. As far as we know, CAFE is the first organization to receive charitable status for the primary mission of public education and awareness about men’s issues.  
Help us celebrate this milestone by showing your support for the Canadian Association for Equality and making a tax-deductible charitable donation.Please visit to support CAFE at this time.
CAFE will host the first annual Equality Day (E-Day) Toronto Island Music Fun Fest, this Sunday, June 1st at Toronto Island’s Gibralter Point. Visit and register on our facebook event page. This will be a great opportunity to celebrate our achievement.
Last week CAFE representatives met with Toronto Ward 14 City Councillor Gord Perks. He gave a 30 second scan over our plans for the Canadian Centre for Men and Families, then immediately ended our meeting, stating, in response to our request for help with programs for boys and men, “I have better things to do with my time.” In response, CAFE chooses to focus on its many positive developments and remarkable growth. Do not be frustrated by the ignorance out there of our issues, but instead support our efforts at obviously much needed educational programs.  
The business/charity number for the Canadian Association for Equality is 841583719RR0001.