Banner Environmental Makes Charitable Donation to Address Gaps in Men’s Health in Calgary

CALGARY, ALBERTA — (May 14, 2018) The Canadian Centre for Men and Families is excited to announce a donation from Banner Environmental toward its new Calgary counselling, peer support and father involvement programs which are improving the lives of many men and their families.

Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd. is a team of engineers and scientists focusing on projects which support potable water, wastewater and stormwater treatment. The firm believes wholeheartedly in equality for all genders, races, and sexual orientations, and promoting the greater good of all.

Every year, Banner hosts a year-end Christmas party for the staff and incorporates a fundraising event to support a selected charity or organization.

“We were first introduced to Canadian Centre for Men and Families (CCMF) by Dr. Dan McKinnon early 2017 and were especially interested in CCMF’s efforts to support the equality movement and development of the Calgary Centre for Men and Families,” said Stacy Senga, Research and Regulatory Manager at Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd. “This was an easy decision for all staff to support CCMF as Banner’s 2017 recipient of our annual fundraising event.”

In total, Banner raised $8,000 which will be used to support the ongoing efforts of CCMF in Calgary, Alberta. These funds will support unique interventions for male survivors of partner abuse, fathers struggling to maintain a relationship with their children post-divorce and men seeking to respond in a healthy way to the challenges in their lives.

For further information contact:

Stacy Senga, B.Sc Toxicology, P.Biol.
Banner Environmental Engineering Consultants Ltd.
(403) 933-4199 ext. 209

Justin Trottier
Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Men and Families